In the beginning of break and hip-hop there was capoeira, Brazilian dance that had its start in African art of war. What they all have in common is freedom for improvisation, very "physical" dancing figures, perfect body control and connection to the ground.

Artists from the "Azanie" Theatre come from Guadalupe, Cuba, Brazil and Cameroon. Their shows are full of inspiration for their common rhythm. "Azanie" is the first name for "Africa" and nothing captures the climate of their shows as well as this name.
The team was founded after the meeting of choreographer and dancer Fred Bendongue with the drummer Arskie Hamitouche in 1992. They both have never stopped in working on mixing and creating influence of different cultures and making research on their source.
They call their idea on contemporary world problems as "creolisation" - they protest against the minority cultures extinction against the dominance of the cultures that dictate patterns.
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