Cirque Eloize drops complicated costumes, masks, an tries to create a unique circus show, more intimate and closer to the audience (...) Talented members of Cirque Eloise easily come through all the expression forms on the stage, including  the most complicated acrobatic forms.
Two clowns are responsible for the audience amusement: Bartlomiej Soroczynski and Nicholas Leresche (...). Troop offers many more perfectly performed solos like for example Stefan Wepfer in an elegant ballet dance or talkative Suzanne Soler and her breathtaking (literally and metaphorically) monologue about waiting for the one who asks to marry her, while she swings above the audience on the trapeze (...).
It would be a waste of time to enumerate them all. After the show the viewer has a feeling that they get to know all the characters of Nomade... And probably feels that they all are common people like us... well maybe a little bit more "flexible".

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