Celebrate with us 100 years of DISNEY ON ICE: 100 years of Disney's magic!
Fourteen timeless stories, thirty songs and over fifty unforgettable characters such as Anna, Elsa and Olaf from Disney's Frozen! All of this in one, spectacular show!

This phenomenal event will be displayed in as many as 5 Polish cities - in Łódź, Gdańsk, Katowice, Warszawa and Krakow.

The unique show will be led by Mickey Mouse who as a Master of Ceremony will open the parade of over 50 beloved characters. Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and all of Disney's Princesses including Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Snow White and Tiana will appear on one ice rink. We will visit the wintery world of Arendelle with sisters Anna and Elsa from the BAFTA and Academy Award® winning and number one animated feature film of all time, Disney’s Frozen. Audiences will enjoy the presence of Olaf and Kristof, without whom it would be impossible to save Elsa.

Exciting adventures from Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo, Disney’s The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and more Disney's productions are a guarantee for children watching the show as hypnotized.

The legacy of Disney is displayed through 14 classic and modern stories, an international team of award-winning figure skaters, high-energy choreography and a breath taking set - your kids will be enchanted with the whole show. With over 30 iconic songs such as Let It Go!, You’ve Got A Friend in Me and Hakuna Matata, Disney On Ice: 100 Years of Disney’s Magic will allow the whole family to experience an amazing adventure, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Chosen comments from Facebook:
• Lovely show. Fantastic artists and amazing effects.
• Breath-taking costumes. Just WOW! I recommend it to everyone.
• After the show in Krakow, we feel fantastic. My son asks when the next time will be!
• It was great! There was dancing, singing and of course children's great joy, thank you!
• It is not enough to say that it was fabulous!!!!
• We were taken into the world of tales. It was awesome

Chosen reviews:

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- czasdzieci.pl

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- mammazine.com.pl

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What time should we come to the show?
Spectators will be allowed to enter the arenaone hour before the start of the show.  In order to avoid being late, we invite you to come earlier,  at least 15 minutes before the start of the show.

How long is the show?
The show is divided into two acts, separated with a 15-minutes long intermission (altogether it lasts almost 120 minutes).

Are there any changing rooms available in arenas?
You can use changing room in every arena (cost - PLN 2-3). We would like to inform you that the temperature in the arena is about 18 ˚C, therefore using changing room is not obligatory. You can leave your pram in changing room.  Due to the safety rules it is not possible to enter the audience with a pram.

Are there car parks near the arenas?
TAURON Arena Krakow has over 1,300 parking places in a multi-level underground garage and on the outside. Entrance to the Arena is located at Lema Str. where Al. Pokoju meets  Al. Jana Pawła II - theese are Cracow's communication routes between the city center and Nowa Huta.

The price of a parking place equals to PLN 30. It is worth to purchase a parking ticket earlier on arena's website in order  to use the car park during the event. On the day of the show, you will be able to pay with cash or by card in box office #6.

The price of a parking place for bus equals to PLN 100 - earlier transfer is possible, but on the show day only payments by cash will be accepted. 

Access to the car park is free of charge for disabled people  (upper car park , at the level of entrances).

A paid car parkis available in Atlas Arena, it is opened during events. Car park fee equals to PLN 20 for the whole stay from the arrival to the departure.  The Parking Nova company attends parking places. The nearest unguarded, free car parks  are located along Al. Unii Lubelskiej and  Srebrzyńska Str. Unguarded parking places are also located at the railway station Łódz - Kaliska.

Near  Ergo Arena there is an all-access car park available. It can fit 700 cars and up to 15 coaches. The entry costs 10 PLN. Access to the car park costs 20 PLN for passenger car and 30 PLN for buses. The entry is free of charge for disabled people.

There is a paid city car park near Ergo Arena, along the Łokietka St. It has 350 parking places, and the price for entrance equals to (10 PLN).


There is a free, all-access car park at Torwar. Attention! The number of parking places is limited. In the vicinity there is a car park for 90 cars. The fee for parking equals to 30 PLN.

Thanks to the football club Legia Warsaw, all attendees of „Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic” in Torwar Hall, Warsaw will be able to use the parking owned by Legia Warsaw Municipal Stadium of Marshal Józef Piłsudski, which is situated opposite the Torwar Hall. To access the parking, you will need to use Gate 2. Parking entry will cost 30 zł.

Apart from the car parks located along the Aleja Krofantego St.  car parks for the event participants  are located nearby the hall Spodek at the City Culture Centre and Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestraalong the Olimpijska Street and Góreckiego Street. Due to the events taking place in all these places the number of parking places is limited.

Are there any special sections for persons on wheelchairs?
In TAURON Arena Kraków places for persons on wheelchairs are located on platforms on Level A (sectors A4-A5 and A6-A7) (Entrance 2).

In Atlas Arena, places for persons on wheelchairs are located directly opposite to the stage, on a promenade above podiums J and L (entrance no. 1)

In Ergo Arena, places for persons on wheelchairs are located on 318 and 324 podiums.

In Torwar Arena, designated places for persons on wheelchairs are located on balconies above G1 sectors / H1and over the lodge.

In Spodek, places for persons on wheelchairs and their companions are located in the red section J.


Please note, that both persons on a wheelchair and their guardians are obliged to have two independent tickets for the show. Tickets for persons on wheelchairs and their guardians are equal to those in Bronze category (PLN 55/65/75 depending on the city). Tickets for those places can be purchased only via e-mail address niepelnosprawni@ebilet.pl. 

Tickets are being sold after sending the scan of the statement about disability, phone number and the preffered manner of  tickets delivery: home tickets (electronic for the independent printing), traditional tikcket (cost of a letter sent by post 8.50 PLN/courier PLN 19.90). The places are intended only for the disabled persons moving on wheelchairs and can be found in dedicated sections. A disabled person can be accompanied by her or his guardian. If a person  moving on his/her own (not on a wheelchair) will be trying to use such a ticket, the person will have to pay for the standard ticket.

Can I bring food and beverages to the show?
Yes, provided the food and drinks are in sensible amounts, and eating and drinking, we are keeping order around ourselves. Only drinks in plastic bottles or cartons up to 500 ml are allowed at the venue.

Will there be deposits available in the halls?
The Promoter provides a deposit, under the fee of PLN 10 only for the items included in the terms and conditions as forbidden.

What type of payments will be accepted during the show?
During shows it is possible to pay by cash mainly. It will be possible to pay by debit card on chosen Disney stands.

In Krakow, the nearest cash machines are located in M1 (al. Pokoju 67) and Galeria Plaza (al. Pokoju 44) shopping centers. 

In Łódz a cash machine nearest to Atlas Arena is located around 300 m to the north-west (BZ WBK).

A cash machine  nearest to the Ergo Arena can be found at  Gospody St. in Gdańsk.

 The nearest cash machine to Torwar is located next to the entrance, by the box offices (it is serviced by Euronet) In Katowice - PKO BP, 0.2kmAl.  Korfantego 46.

Are spectators allowed to bring the cameras to the audience?
 It is possible to bring an amateur digital camera and  a traditional amateur still camera. It is forbidden to use any photographic equipment that can be used as a professional equipment, including cameras with interchangeable lenses and/or zoom over 6x. Tripods are not allowed and photos must be taken for personal use only. Taking photos should not obstruct the view of other audience members.

Can a spectator record the show?
It will be a pleasure for us if you will save the memories from your visit on the recording equipement. We would like to remind you, that the recordings should be made only with camera that can fit into a hand and you can record only from your seat and for personal use only. Recordings cannot be copied or used for commercial purposes.

Is it possible to leave the Arena after you have once entered the place and your ticket was scanned?
No - the ticket can be scanned only one time, so the persons leaving the Arena "for a second" won't be allowed to enter the Arena once again.

Is my child too young to participate in Disney On Ice show?
The show doesn't have neither bottom, or the upper age limit of the audience. Disney On Ice is a show for the whole family, so that mummies, daddies, teenagers and grandparents are enjoying it with the children!

Do I have to buy a ticket for a small child, that will be sitting on my laps the entire show?
If the child is younger than two years, there is no need to buy a ticket for him. Children older than 2 years should have a ticket. The caregivers of children under 2 are requested to provide a proof of age of the child.

Will my child have a good view on the stage from his seat?
This is not a regular show, where the action happens in only one place. The Disney On Ice show:  100 Years of Disney’s Magic has and enormous stage space, and there is a lot of moving in the show. The show is not being presented only to the audience in the front, but for the whole auditorium , so the ice rink is visible from any place. Hovewer, whether you seat closer to the ice depends on the ticket price.

What is Feld Entertainment?
Feld Entertainment is the worldwide leader in producing and presenting live touring family entertainment experiences that lift the human spirit and create indelible memories, with 30 million people in attendance at its shows each year. Feld Entertainment Productions‚were welcomed in more than 70 countries on six continents.  Among them Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey, Feld Motor Sports, Disney On Ice and Disney Live!

What is Alter Art Show?
Alter Art is the largest independent promoter and a leader in musical and live entertainment in Poland, providing a high-level, spectacular shows, concerts and festivals, gathering thousands of spectators. Alter Art is the exclusive promoter of Feld Entertainment events, including Disney on Ice and Monster Jam, in Poland.

In what language is the show?
The show is dubbed in Polish language, just like the majority of the well-known songs from Disney movies.

Who should I contact for any further information?
In matters related to tickets, please contact the dedicated Disney On Ice helpline:  22 1228077.

In any other matter please contact via e-mail address: kontakt@alterart.pl.

Group trips
Persons responsible for organization of the group trips please contact us via email address bilety@alterart.pl in order to improve the reception of tickets and the entry to the halls. We encourage you to arrive on-site at least 45 minutes before performances.

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