Recital performed by Kafig is an unheard mixture of: hip-hop, violin, Arabian-Andalusian melopeje and talk box. Its triumph started from its premiere in biennale in Lyon in 1998 and it hasn’t stopped since then. In New York, Washington and Boston critics admitted that Kafig renews the style that comes from Bronx in a brilliant way. Only the dancers who have good command in techniques typical for hip-hop could let themselves cross the boundaries, that too often are closing this art of life for other inspirations.
The artistic director of Kafig admits that the most important is to keep the energy of the young culture while developing your own personality, your own style. Interests in such things as classical and modern dance let Mourad Mezouki open to other cultures.

"Virtuosity will always be the primary of hip-hop rules, but there is a need to give it a content".

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