Monster Jam is the perfect sports and entertainment brand that mixes racing, showmanship and the ultimate fan experience into one incredible, action packed live show. Monster Jam electrifies crowds with the breathtaking stunts and the awesome power of the world’s most popular monster trucks. Over 4 million fans fill the world’s premiere stadiums and arenas to see the live spectacle with more than 350 performances each year. Monster Jam appears in Warsaw on 7 June 2014 at the National Stadium. Tickets on sale now!

For decades, Monster Jam has been one of the biggest and most successful touring family shows in the world. Unlike traditional sporting events or other family entertainment shows, every fan attending a Monster Jam event is given the unique opportunity to meet the stars of the show during the pre-show Party in the Pits and post-show autograph sessions (see Pit Pass info below). The stars of Monster Jam will stay until the last autograph is signed; no one leaves unsatisfied.
Monster Jam selects the fastest, safest and most modern monster trucks to compete in its events. Approximately 12-feet tall and about 12-feet wide, Monster Jam trucks are custom-designed machines that sit atop 66 inch tires and weigh a minimum of 5 tons. Monster Jam trucks have 1,500 horsepower and are capable of speeds close to 100 miles per hour. Monster Jam trucks can jump more than 30-feet high and travel a distance of about 130-feet flying through the air. That’s longer than 14 cars lined up side by side!

Cars, buses, caravans, boats, large trucks and even airplanes may show up on the track as obstacles for the Monster Jam trucks to tackle. Using these unfortunate metal victims, the Monster Jam trucks jump, fly and weave their way around the track, often on only one or two wheels, all while under the careful control of the driver, who pushes their truck to its limits with its twin steering systems, racing motors and high-impact suspensions. To transform a stadium or an arena into the Monster Jam® track, 25 cars, 4 vans and two bigger obstacles to crush are often needed. A transformation of a football pitch and its restoration to the previous form takes even about 72 hours.

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